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The Online Agency,
your agency in the cloud!

Imagine you've spend a huge amount on a media billboard and there is no budget left to make striking & impact full creative design. Would you do this to save money?

Off course not... but all too often we do see brands spending too much of their budget & time on the creation of promotional marketing material.

Due to our set-up with globally spread team, we believe we can do it faster and at a very competitive price. Check out our products to learn more about our delivery terms & prices.


We work with graphic designers with at least 10 years of experience. Original & qualitative designs are what drives us further. However, we don't follow the "classic" agency rules where you have to wait until a spot opens up in the creative planning. Thanks to our flexible approach and geographically spread team, we are able to answer your requests right away. 

We want you to engage with your customer
through stunning & qualitative marketing materials
without it costing you your entire marketing budget!




Hi, I'm Félice. I'm born & raised in Kortrijk, Belgium. I have worked for over a decade in Sales & Marketing and I've have seen both sides of the table. After a first career in industry leading agencies, I took on the part as a Marketing Manager within a company. This unique combination made me realise and understand even better the frustrations that can arise at both sides of the agency-client relationship. Want to know more about my path until now? Check out my LinkedIn Profile.

I love travelling and during my travels I've connected with lots of different cultures & people. These connections in combination with my professional experience working for international clients, made the idea grow that we don't need to limit the agency business to a physical location. Putting together an international team in the cloud gives us much more flexibility, which leads to better prices. Not only don't we need a fancy office, nor do we need an office manager or other overhead costs. You only pay for the actual time you need a graphic designer but you still enjoy the agency advantages of having multiple disciplines & experts in a one-stop-shop for all your marketing products. Sounds good, no? 

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